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India's Skills Training Maze

Originally posted by Next Billion on May 7, 2015. 

This post is the second of a multi-part series about the skill development sector in India and how to solve the challenges of increasing both formal and informal sector employment. Read the first post in the series: “Skill development for the future”

How Innovative Young Africans are Fixing a Broken Education System

Illiteracy rates in West Africa were the highest in the world in 2009, but as recently as 2013 the World Bank reported that things were turning around. Across the region, many more children, especially girls, were enrolling in primary school.

Less Politics, More Economics: Getting Real About Rural Youth in the Middle East and North Africa

In recent weeks, unprecedented acts of cruelty and violence have dominated world headlines in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries where we work, including Tunisia[i] and Yemen.[ii]  While politics and religion are dissected as drivers of terrorism, the underlying economic cause and effect seems to receive far less attention and debate.[iii] For MENA’s youth, the reality is that economics

Why Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

Originally published by Entrepreneur on April 14, 2015. 

Our planet, our children

Originally published by The Guardian on April 13, 2015

Many people wonder what kind of planet we’re leaving behind for our children. But few ask: what kind of children are we leaving behind for our planet?

Advancing an Evidence-Based Agenda for the World’s Young Women & Girls (and Boys!)

Originally published NRG Advisory on April 11, 2015  

Last month at the United Nations, as Women’s History Month was drawing to a close, Intergovernmental negotiations continued toward a post-2015 framework to follow the expiring Millennium Development Goals with a focus on goals, targets and indicators. Promoting gender equality remained one of the top priorities.

Crossing Borders and Narrowing Gaps

Originally published by USAID on April 10, 2015. 

How volunteers from the Jamaican diaspora community are tackling unemployment and helping youth in Jamaica become entrepreneurs.

“Life was the same old same old and not full of opportunities. Since leaving secondary school, I have been struggling to get a job,” said 20-year-old Jovan Ottey.

Unfortunately, Ottey’s situation is common, as so many other young people his age struggle every day to find work in Jamaica.

Cultivating an ecosystem for youth development – Part 2 – Advancing Leaderly Capacities

In my last blog, I discussed the cultivation of ecosystems for youth development. I highlighted the importance of interconnected change mechanisms, the role of feedback loops, and how change mechanisms can work together to foster capabilities in young people.

To fight unemployment, teach people to be entrepreneurs

Originally published by the World Economic Forum on April 9, 2015. 


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