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Applications Open: IV Young America Forum, Panama

I. Introduction

Applications Open: Global Young Researchers

We're looking for 20 young people from around the world to join our team of Global Young Researchers to explore how to strengthen the environment for youth development, focusing on participation, protection and livelihoods. The Young Researchers, who need to have experience with youth movements and/or conducting research on youth-related issues, will conduct research from their home locations, between May and July 2015. Youth Policy Labs will support the Young Researchers remotely throughout the research period.

Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge for Change

Everyone starts somewhere.

The Microsoft YouthSpark Challenge for Change is a chance for you to share how you spark change in your world, or how you want to! Whether you are already creating change in your school or community, or if you are ready to start, we want to hear from you!

Share your idea. Spark Change!

What could I win?

Microsoft is awarding exciting prizes to help you do more good. And this the Challenge has been extended to 13 to 17 year olds! 15 finalists from each age group (13-17 and 18-25) will win a Surface Pro 3 with Office 365.  


When Seeking to Financially Include Youth, Parents Matter

Originally posted by New America on March 1, 2015.

Much ink has been spilled about the saving habits of adults, but what do we know about how and why children save money? It’s an important question, because one-third of the world’s population is under the age of 19. Statistics show that children who save money are more likely to set goals for their future and do better in school, and less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

Generation Jobless? Turning the Youth Unemployment Crisis into Opportunity

‘Generation Jobless?’ uniquely explores the characteristics of both today's and tomorrow's youth and the causes of the youth unemployment crisis. The book takes a global, multi-stakeholder perspective to showcase proven solutions to tackle the crisis. Featuring interviews and input from various stakeholders, it offers a positive and constructive look at change by directing each group to become part of the solution and in particular youth to take on responsibility for themselves and their peers by turning into job creators rather than job seekers.

Why Companies are Investing in the Skill and Potential of Arab Youth

Originally published by International Youth Foundation on February 25, 2015