AWARD: Become a WFUNA Young Leader of the Year, September 2016

World Federation of United Nations Association

The World Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) is now accepting nominations for the 2016 Young Leader of the Year, an award launched in commemoration of the International Youth Day 2016. WFUNA supports and encourages youth engagement and participation in the United Nations Associations and United Nations Youth Associations around the world through the WFUNA Youth Network. With this initiative, they want to highlight the contributions of thousands of young people to their organization and share their achievements with a wider audience.

AWARD: The Global Inclusion Awards 2016, September 2016

Child Finance International

The Global Inclusion Awards 2016, a CYFI initiative, recognize and honor those that achieve greatness and demonstrate innovation in financial, social and livelihoods education, financial inclusion, and entrepreneurial support for children and youth at the national, regional and international level.

CHALLENGE: Calling Egyptian Youth - GE Egypt Digital Innovation Challenge, September 2016

All Africa

The paradox of the Industrial Internet is that it's expected to have a much bigger impact on the economy than the consumer internet, all while doing things that aren't as eye-catching as hailing a taxi, sending messages to friends or streaming music. Instead, the Industrial Internet helps us do extremely important things like stabilize the power grid, help hospitals track their equipment or remotely monitor a rail fleet.


BLOG: You(th) Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee: Finding Work for the Young Displaced in the Next Decade, September 2016

Barri Shorey, Senior Technical Advisor - International Rescue Committee

This month I will join the 10th Anniversary Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (Sept. 28-30th, in Washington, DC). The theme of the Summit is, Turning Points: How Do We Achieve Results and Scale in the Next Decade? When asked by the Summit organizer Making Cents International to write about my perspective on achieving scale and results for young people in the next decade, my 10 years at The International Rescue Committee (IRC) immediately pushed me to think more specifically: how do we achieve scale and results for DISPLACED YOUTH in the next decade?  

BLOG: Here Come the Young, September 2016

Foreign Policy

While countries across Europe and East Asia are grappling with declining birthrates and aging populations, societies across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia are experiencing youth booms of staggering proportions: More than half of Egypt’s labor force is younger than age 30. Half of Nigeria’s population of 167 million is between the ages of 15 and 34. In Afghanistan, Angola, Chad, East Timor, Niger, Somalia, and Uganda, more than two-thirds of the population is under the age of 25.

BLOG: Senegal: A Rural Youth Employment Policy Champion, September 2016

Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

In line with the Plan Sénégal Émergent, the main medium to long term social and economic policy in the country, the Rural Youth Employment Policy bases itself on four main pillars: (i) economic stimulus for job creation; (ii) investment in human capital; (iii) strengthen rural youth participation in policy and decision-making in the country; and, (iv) streamlining the governance framework for effective action towards rural youth employment creation. The final goal is to guide the support to create from 100,000 to 150,000 jobs per year.