7th IZA/World Bank Conference: Employment and Development

Event host(s)/organization(s): 
World Bank and IZA

While most research in labor economics focuses on the US and Western Europe, the majority of the world’s population and particularly of the poor and the youth live in countries where labor markets often work quite differently. To stimulate and promote research on employment and labor economics in low and middle income countries, the World Bank and IZA initiated in 2006 a work program on “Employment and Development”. Since 2006, the annual conference on Employment and Development provides a platform for researchers and policy experts to discuss new research findings and identify areas where further work is needed. IZA and the World Bank will organize the 7th annual conference in New Delhi, this year in partnership with the Indian Council for Research and International Economic Relations (ICRIER) and the Delhi School of Economics, on November 5-6, 2012.